My name is Jacque and I am a stay at home mom to one cute little boy and have been married to my best friend since 2006.  I have recently discovered I really enjoy crafts and have taken up making these hair clips again.  I started making them for my nieces a few years ago and attempted to turn them into a small business but life got busy so I put it aside.  Not that my son doesn't keep me busy, but since I recently stopped working a full time job I do find time on my hands to do more hobby-ing.  And yes I just coined that word...feel free to use it anytime.

I do have some standard type clips but please feel free to email me any questions or comments, including ideas you might have for a new type.  I love trying new things!  The colors and designs of ribbons may vary on availability.  The pictures show what the clips will look like and you can then specify color of ribbon.  (I get asked a lot if you have to have the ribbon shown and the answer is no.)  I want to make clips you will love!  Thanks for visiting!  I look forward to sending you and your little girl their new favorite hair accessories.

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